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Get 100 FREE drop cards from Print Founders using the link above. Be sure to enter YOUR Tap to 100k website link in the WEBSITE BOX when ordering. And put THIS website: www.20SecondsToSavings.biz in the EMAIL BOX at the bottom when ordering. That will lead your people to THIS website.


You may want a catchy web address to add to your card. Here is a tutorial on forwarding a Godaddy domain to your website. If you need help Godaddy will set it up for you after you purchase it. Mine is www.20secondstosavings.com.

  1. Free Drop Cards
  2. Send emails (download copy+paste)
  3. Bless 4 Others - you have a week to find 4 people and pay it forward ($25) via paypal, cash app, or venmo then send them to this site (trust me, it works!)